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Do you Know that Primavera Cafe Now is also serving Buffet and offers Over 200 different recepies every week on their Buffet section

Primavera cafe Bronx, is the newest and best restaurants according to locals in the Bronx fordham area, this is a multicultural food fine dinning Cafe where you are going to be able to eat From a delicious Chopped salad topped with any of your favorite Vegetables,Meats,dry nuts & more. you should try one of our chef special Primavera dressings, Here at primavera cafe Bronx location,  you’ll be able to try a good verity of the most succulent Buffet dishes with more than 200 diferent styles wich is a fusion betweent latino, Italian and Asian Foods. ORDER ONLINE SERVICE IS COMING VERY SOON!


Welcome to our new website, it is our pleasure to invite you to this new restaurant, we hope to be to your liking, offering you the best food in the Bronx and the best service to you and your family.

Our Menu

would you like to take a look at what Primavera cafe has to offer just for you and your family.

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Catering menu

Catering menu is coming soon, for more information please contact us at 718-295-8801

Catering menu
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